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My Number 1 Tip to Create your Dream Life & an Introduction

This first post has been a LONG FREAKING TIME coming. I started dreaming up this blog/business way back in, honestly, probably high school (I graduated in 2010). I had a ton of doubts and especially a lot of outside factors telling me I wouldn't make any money following my passion and that the only way to go was a 'sensible' and 'stable' career in the science or the health field.

All of these outside opinions swayed me to start studying Biology. And of course, I didn't just want to be a med tech or nurse, but be at the total top of the food chain... A medical doctor and researcher. So I started interning, shadowing, taking every type of Biology class imaginable .... and I just kept feeling this major resistance to it. I kept finding myself going back to my first love, fashion.

Yes, I could technically have the smarts to proceed down the medical path, but when your heart is not 120% in the game, it is extremely hard to study for hours upon hours in the library for an intensive college work load. Don't get me wrong, I do find it fascinating studying the building blocks of life, but I started to realize I did not see myself buried away in a laboratory performing the same experiment over and over again to gather data even if it was groundbreaking research. Also during this time, I was struggling with major bouts of depression which I will potentially explain at another time which through another wrench into the equation.

So this inner struggle was happening around 2012 and this is when I stumbled across the documentary for The Secret. This was the first time I heard of the Law of Attraction and anything of this nature. I remember watching this documentary and being so LIT UP, I told literally everyone about it for days after. One of my biggest takeaways from this documentary was how the people talked about their vision boards. I specifically, still to this day, remember the one man saying he created a vision board and he found it years later and had MOVED INTO the house he had clipped out of a magazine years before. Crazyyyy . So clearlyyyy, this inspired me to create my first vision board.

Now when I say vision board, this can literally be as simple as a list in a notebook to a full-fledged art project. The sky is the freaking limit. haha . I have created it many different ways and it has always helped me SO much.

It is literally a list of goals or things you want to accomplish. The goal or thing can be extremely specific or something you want to work on. For example, I had written that I wanted to live in a brick-exposed apartment and a couple months later the first property I looked at was exactly that. I hadn't even remembered I had written it down until I had moved into that exact apartment. I usually write mine at the beginning of the year and then create another vision board half way through the year as a 'check in'. It also really, really helps if you have it posted in your room, office, closet, basically a place you see every day. You can add pictures from magazines to it, make it a simple list, or even paint a canvas and paint your list on that.

There is a ton of reasons why this method helps you start shifting your life into a place of happiness and love. The reasons range from psychology to faith to manifestation, but I swear to you even if it's the craziest thing, opportunities will start presenting themselves to help you along on the path, if you are coming from a place of love.

This technique has helped me figure out what the heck I wanna do with my life and was a crucial part of helping me get to my current state, which is now running my own business, Reyko Style. Ahhh still can't believe it!

xoxo Diana

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