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Diana Andreyko
founder + seamstress

an introduction...

I am a lover of beautiful style + beautiful souls. That pretty much sums up my entire existence as a human being. But, I believe that living a beautiful lifestyle should coincide with a sustainable and eco-conscious thought process behind every purchase. We should be supporting companies that have this same mentality and trying to impact the decisions the already big box retailers on how they operate from the ground up. I strongly believe we can make a difference and the only reason why fast fashion still exists is because WE as consumers keep buying it. I believe that if brands provide transparency in how their products are being made and what happens if they do not sell their products, we can eliminate the fast fashion culture and how it is negatively impacting our environment.

I hope to use this platform to highlight brands that have this same mentality + culture, share my creative projects with you, while launching a sustainable capsule collection of everyday pieces that I have designed and created. 




My History in Fashion + How I created Reyko Style 

I have always been drawn and infatuated with fashion. I taught myself how to sew when I was 12 years old on a $25 flea market sewing machine my Dad bought me  I then joined a local 4-H sewing club when I was in high school. ​In 4-H, I entered sewing competitions with outfits that I made. Then my first job, at 18 years old, was a seamstress at a bridal shop and I have done wedding gown alterations for years. 

I ended up working at a couple fast fashion retailers in full-time manager roles. I learned a lot in my years as a retail manager (and drank ALOT of espresso) and gained a ton of experience by working in two to seven million dollar boxes. I started to absolutely hate the culture of the workplace and my deep passion for sustainability and science started to overtake my desire to work in a corporate role. I felt like everyone around me hated their job and their life. And I started to wonder why would I want their life? Especially If I knew I  could create something better. 

So fast forward to March 2019, with one post on Facebook I literally launched my bridal alterations business and put my two weeks in at my corporate job. I received several jobs from that one post and I knew it was my sign to leave my full-time job. Since then my entire life has changed, and I really believe it was from taking that one huge, gigantic cliff dive. 


+ a lastly, a lil somethin somethin for the astrology lovers....

Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Capricorn Rising


Type 8 : The Challenger

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