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Please complete this form to book a fitting for your wedding gown or formalwear gown

Thank you for requesting to schedule a fitting!

Estimate              Pricing

Your total cost of alterations is due at your first fitting. A 3% processing fee is added to every card and electronic payment. There is no processing fee on cash payments. If additional alterations are required after the first fitting that were not included in the initial invoice, an additional invoice will be produced and the invoice will be due upon receipt. 

1 / Traditional Wedding Gowns

$400 - $1000 estimate range

Pressing + Steaming for veils $50-$100

Pressing + Steaming for gowns $75-$200

2 / Grace Loves Lace Wedding Gowns

These Gowns are crafted differently than a traditional wedding gown designer. Since they have fewer layers, no beadwork, no zippers, etc. and if the the gown is in your correct size, the total alteration price generally falls under a traditional wedding gown being tailored.

$400 -$700 estimate range

3 / Bridesmaids and Mother's Gowns

$75 - $350 estimate range

4 / Adding Custom Design Details to Gowns

examples of design details that can be added to a wedding gown. prices determined at first fitting

       - zipper to corset

       - straps / sleeves

       - adding fabric to extend size 

       - beading

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