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Pricing Estimates

Wedding Gown Alterations

The following are estimates of common tailoring needs on wedding gowns. All alterations are al a carte and depend on the complexity of the gown. Typically, wedding gowns will average about $450-800 of alterations. From $800 to $1000 or more, usually means I am making custom design additions that were not part of the original design of the gown or completely resizing a gown or turning an heirloom gown into a modern rendition, etc. 


Fittings are included in price of alterations. Each wedding gown will require 3 fitting sessions and are included in the price of alterations. 

Traditional Wedding Gowns 

Hem $150-350*

Bustle $35-150*

Bodice take In or let out $50-250*

Shoulders + Sleeves $50-250*

Hips $50- $250*

Pressing + Steaming for veils $50-$100

Pressing + Steaming for gowns $75-$200

Grace Loves Lace Gowns

Estimate $300-600*

These Gowns are crafted differently than a traditional wedding gown designer. Since they have fewer layers, no beadwork, no zippers, Etc, and if the the gown is in your correct size, the total alteration price generally falls under a traditional wedding gown being tailored.

Bridesmaid Dresses and Mother’s Dresses

$75-$350 *average 


Custom Design / Creating your own unique gown


If you would like to design your own gown please email me directly. 

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